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Weight Loss Program and Guide: Personal Experience



Weight Loss Program and Guide: Personal Experience


Weight Loss tips for everyone: It is possible

Obesity, a very pertinent issue that people are suffering from in the contemporary times, Question here is that who is obese? Perhaps someone who appears overweight, i.e. more than the actual size of his/her body.

Weight Loss Calculator

There are many calculations required to be done, like you body fat, cholesterol etc but we will suggest only three calculations that you need to conciser before any weight loss plan.

Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculation

To calculate if you are obese or overweight you need to first check your BMI and range of BMI for that the perimeters required are wieght, age and your height. The best way to calculate is on this link . Where you can also see what should be the ideal BMI and accordingly you will need to know what should be the Ideal weight for you.

Smart Scale to know body composition

Knowing your body composition is very important, I have written another article on this you can read that here

Know your calories requirements

Now as you have got from above calculation your ideal weight. And if you know that you are over weight and you need to lose weight the first step will be to know your calories requirement for a day. If you are not very active person, then your calories requirement for a day can be calculated using a formula which is simple.

Your Idea Weight X 20

For example, your ideal weight is 70 so your calories requirement for the day is 1400. To elaborate, you will be burning 1400 calories during the normal day. If your calories intake is equal to this then you will start losing weight even without doing any exercise. But it will take time.

Now, You might have concern that how long it takes. I have a solution for you using technology. Which is explained below in weight loss program.

Your maximum Heart Rate

This is one of the important information that you must know about your body and easiest way to now your maximum heart rate is using a simple formula.

By subtracting your age from a fixed value of 225. Suppose a variable age is 30 so your maximum heart rate will be

225-30 = 195 (The maximum heart rate).

Knowing your maximum heart rate is important, which is explained in this article in fat burning section.

Weight Loss Program

You have now done three calculations already, you know your current BMI and Target BMI. From here you know your ideal weight and from weight you have calculated the calories requirement for a day. But now there are concerns that where to use this data.

Answer to this is that the above data is the base line that needs to be used against your weight loss or fitness program. And below is the detail.

Weight Loss App: Calories Intake

Suppose your calories requirement for a day are 1400 which is your baseline. To calculate how many calories one is consuming during the day is very difficult, but technology has made it easier.

I have been using an app for more than 10 years which has solved the problem of calculating my calories deficit and by letting me know that how long I will take to get my ideal weight.

The app is called myfitnesspal. Where you can log your daily food using app or using myfitnesspal website.

You can download an iOS or Android App

Know your food intake

One cucumber has 15 calories and one small chocolate has 400 calories. I think this is sufficient information for you to know what is weight loss food.

In my opinion, there is no such food like weight loss food, the best way is to create a calories deficit. If you want to eat more then eat food which has less calories and you can eat everything.

I will recommend not to eat sweets and carbs for few months till you get shape. And log your food in app.

Once you start using this app you will get to know how long you will take to lose weight and get your idea.

But, only calories deficit is sufficient. Because you will be less energetic and you will feel weakness. Therefore control your food (calories intake) and change your lifestyle.

Exercise and diet go along, but remember it is 80% your diet and 20% exercise.

Solution to your diet is already provided now let us discuss about other aspect.

Change your lifestyle

In addition to our eating habits, the problem of obesity has to do a lot with our sedentary lifestyle. It is fact that 3 of 4 obese people don’t go for exercise or they don’t put any effort to keep their weight under control.

The problem is increasing more now not only because of eating habits but because of the time that we spend on extra activities.

Do we have time to remain Active :

Yes, here is your weak . 168 hours in a week.

  • – 56 Hours of sleep
  • – 40 hours at work

You have remaining 72 hours. Which is your time, for you, for your family and for your family. Just 7 hours from 72 hours is really possible.

If you strictly follow to balance your calories in and calories required program that is discussed earlier then for over all fitness an hour walk every day will be sufficient.

Weight Loss Exercises

The calculations that we discussed above about your body are important. Your calories requirement and your exercise. But, lifestyle is not only effecting your body but your organs too like your heart, lungs, kidneys and almost every organ that functions inside your body.

Burning Calories is not Burning Fat

To keep it simple we will only discuss about Heart Rate and its connection with fat burning. Though, calories deficit will help you to lose weight but will not help you to burn fat, the belly fat or the fat in your blood which has effected your heart.

Your heart is more important than your physical appearance. And if you focus on exercising your heart your physical appearance will also change.

In calculations above you know your maximum heart rate, now let us know why knowing your maximum heart rate is important.

Know your heart rate Zone to burn fat

There are many people who start walk or gym and they notice that they are not having any effect on their weight, as it remains same. Gym instructors are saying not to lose hope.

But, trust me you will never be able to lose weight if you don’t know about your heart rate zones and its connection with weight loss, fat burning and over all fitness.

You have to chose exercise by yourself walk, run, cycling, swim or gym. I will only mention the heart rate zones below and you chose what you want to achieve.

Heart Rate Zones

ZoneUtilizationDurationTraining Benefits
90-100%< 5 mins
171-190 bpm
Benefit : Increases maximum sprint race speed.
Feels like : very exhausting for breathing and mules.
Recommended for : Very fit person with athletic training background.
80-90%2- 10 mins
152-171 bpm
Benefit : Increases maximum performance capacity.
Feels like : Muscular fatigue and heavy breathing
Recommended for : Fit users and for short excercises.
70-80%10- 40 mins
133-152 bpm
Benefit : Improves aerobic fitness.
Feels like : Light muscular fatigue, easy breathing, moderate sweating.
Recommended for : Everyone for typical, moderately long exercise.
60-70%40-80 mins
114-133 pbm
Benefit : Improves basic endurance, and helps recovery.
Feels like : Comfortable, easy breathing, light sweating.
Recommended for : Everyone for shorter exercise.
Very Light
50-60%20-40 mins
104-114 bpm
Benefit : Improves overall health and metabolism. Helps recovery.
Feels like : very easy for breathing and muscles.
Recommended for : Basic training for novice exercise.

Heart rate in above chart is for 30 years old person with maximum 220 heart rate. You can calculate your heart rate by yourself using formula provided.

Moreover, any exercise that will take your heart rate to 70% of your maximum heart rate, you will start burning the fat.

You must also know your resting heart rate. Which will help you to know how healthy your heart rate is. Low is better. And there will be another article on this in future.

Walking is not effective for weight loss

When you walk, your heart rate remains within heart rate Zone 1 which means maximum utilization of heart is 60%, you will for sure burn more calories which will add to your deficit but you will not burn fat.

But jogging is better here, because it will increase your heart rate and will keep between zone 1.5 and 2.

Can I lose weight using GYM Workout?

Now if you are thinking to join gym for weight loss, or if you are already going Gym. Though there are many exercises but most of the people start with weight lifting which will keep you in Zone 1 or heart rate.

But, cardio exercises will help you to move from zone 1 to 2 and 3 and so on, do it gradually.

Running is an aerobic workout/cardio

Running is considered as the best exercise for fat burning, because you can immediately touch zone 3 and can reach zone 5 most of the times. But do it gradually, there might be many running clubs in your country join them and be social my suggested club is.

Running is the easiest sport as it doesn’t need equipment other than running shoes. But at the same time this is best for your heart.

Running favorite quote of all the times.

My Heart Says if you stop running I will die, and If I stop running you will die. So let us run for each other”

Cycling keeps you healthy

Cycling is also one of the best endurance exercises which will help to tone your lower body and will improve your endurance and heart rate zone depends on your cadence and your speed. Know more about cycling here.

Swimming is full body workout

Swimming is a full body exercise, best for weight loss, fat burning and for heart and lungs. Open water long distance swimming is best to do.

Become a Triathlete

Triathlon is the best full body workout, you will fall in love with this sport if you start once. The best exercise to train heart, lungs, legs and full body including your brain and soul. If you do it you know it if you don’t , please do it. Read more about it here.


How to Monitor Heart Rate and HR Zones

As we have discussed about calories at start of this article and we discussed about logging in the calories and then monitoring against the baseline.
Similarly we have discussed about heart rate baseline which is your heart rate zones.

To monitor your heart rate and to match it with the zone at real time. You can eighter get a heart rate chest belt device that can be connected to your app like Strava or you can buy a wearable.

Weight Loss and Wearable

There are many fitness bands, it all depends on your personal choice but from experience recommended is Fitbit and Garmin.

Weight Loss Pills

If you have serious fat on your body then only WHO approved medicine is Orlistat. I will not recommend any other medicine.

Weight Loss Tea

Green tea is the best.

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