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Cycling in Muscat Oman


Cycling in Muscat Oman


Oman is one of the most peaceful countries in the world. Expatriates and Locals are living together here. Nature has gifted many places to Sultanate. That is the reason it is one of the most popular tourists destinations in the world. Outdoor sports if also one of the reasons that most of tourists visit Oman. However, locals and residents of Oman also love outdoor sports.

Cycling is one of the most popular sports in the region. Riding was always considered as fun, but this is one of the most important recreational actives. 

Cycling-in-MuscatFridays and Saturdays early morning 3:00 AM onward cycling in various parts of Oman starts. Individuals and groups are riding for fitness, challenge races and fun. This is a lifestyle of many people of differnt ages in Oman from 5 years of age till 90 years of Omanis and Expatriates can be seen riding in Oman on two wheels specially during weekends.


Weekend Cycling Groups in Muscat

Most of the cyclists gather at Shati Al Qurum (Parking lot near Cost Coffee) GPS Coordinates are here : 23.615975, 58.462492.

There are various groups with differnt start time (5:00 AM , 5:15 AM, 5:30 AM , 5:45 AM, 6:00 AM) and most of the groups are welcoming everyone.  But before you join make sure your average speed, because there are some professional cyclists group where they average on flat road 45 km/h. 

What are the most popular cycling routes in Oman?

omani-cyclistFlat Routes

There are couple of flat routes

18th November Street – Al Mouj R/A

One of the most popular flat route for cycling is 18th November street, depending on distance you want to cover. From start point till Ghubra and back, or up to Al Mouj Round . Total distance is 40km, but you can turn around from Ghura traffic light or Azaiba traffic light for smaller distance.

Seeb Corniche 

If you want to try long distance flat route Shati Al Qurum to Seeb Corniche which is 80KM Loop. This distance is perfect for those who want to do flat long distance, and at the same time you get chance to see various popular places of Muscat.

Climb the Hills

Oman has many mountains and roads are hilly, some of the routes for cycling are very challenging and need really strong endurance for climbing the hills, some of the popular hilly routes in Muscat are here.

Muttrah Loop

If you want to do a serious training then Shati Al Qurum to Old Muttra loop is great. You can start from Shati Al Qurum Car Parking, take left from opera house traffic light and follow Corniche road till you reach Qurum round about and then take left to the Qurum Heights Road. Challenge starts from there will three small hills until you reach Muttrah cornich. The you pass from old Muttrah to small hilly roads after Sultan Palace towards Sidab and downhill to Al Bustan. From Al Bustan towards wadi Al Kabir 200m climb is one of the most challenging hill. Then downhill to wadi kabir and following same route to Qurum Heights and Back to Shati Al Qurum. This is total 40km distance with elevation gain of 500m.

Yiti, Bandar Al Khairan

If you are a serious cyclists then following above Muscat Hilly road you can turn left from Al Bustan towards Yiti and Bandar Al Khaira, this is one of the most challenging route in Muscat region, the lap distance with above + Yiti is 80km + Bandar Al Khairan 100 km. 

Shangrila Al Hamriya Road.


If you follow Shangria take right towards Yiti and instead of taking left for Yiti follow straight which will take you to Hamriya after 10KM. This road is also challenging with 3 hard climbs of 50 to 80 meters.

Al Khuwair to Amerat Road

This is hardest climb of Muscat, not many cyclists would try this but those with good fitness level and training are doing it on regular basis, speaking to Suleman Al Allawi, one of the most popular triathletes in Oman has told that this is challenging but every cyclist must do it to see if he is a good cyclist. The climb is 400 to 500 and distance of climb is 4km. You have two choices here either to come back after reaching the top (where you get city view as well) or you can continue towards Amerat town.

Ruwi – Al Amerat

Following first route you can continue from Ruwi and then take left for Al Amerat which makes this additional 40KM distance with small hills, or you have choice to directly start from Car parking in Wadi Adai Roundaout (Shell Petrol Station Parking Lot) and then can continue to Al Amerat city mainly till police Station which will make this distance 40km or you can continue to Al Salil area on Quriyat road which will be harded and total distance 100km. 

Cycling Events in Oman

There are many cycling events in Oman, most popular one is Tour of Oman. 

Tour of Oman

This event is similar to Tour de France, it is a well organized and Government sponsored events. Of course not for every cyclists, only professional teams from world participate in this event.

OCA Championships 

Oman Cycling Association also organizes Races in Oman. There are 8 races in a years and participants are awarded points too. To participate in race you must get the membership in OCA, you will be provided UCI License which will cost OMR : 10/- to participate in each race you will need to pay OMR : 3 as participation fee.

Oman Triathlon Community 

This is one of the most popular Social Club in Oman for triathletes they are doing workout training weekly basis but there are many races which are organized by Oman Sport Zone, some of the popular races are Azaiba Triathlon, Shangri-La Triathlon and Sifa Triathlon. Though the races are for triathletes but if you are cyclists you can just do cycling.


Sharqiya Region Cycling Event

Al Sharqiya region organizes races every July where distance is around 150km in 5 stages.

Whether you are doing cycling for fitness, fun or for serious sports. Oman is the best place for it. If you have not yet started cycling buy one and start doing it. You will love Oman more than now.


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