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Welcome to Raha.Life – a blog for outdoor adventurers, travel lovers, Marathon Runners, Triathlon, Sport Tech Lover and Outdoor Sport Lovers.

We cover all extreme sports, endurance training, hiking, running, swimming, cycling, tri-sport related events and information.

The information will cover all the tips and advices from experts. And events covers most popular events in the region.

Gadgets section covers the expert advices on Sport Tech Gadgets and gear covers all the latest gears the one must have for related sport.

When talking about travel how can we miss the sports and outdoor activities. Most of our guest writers write about their experiences that might help you to get more.

Finally, we also review and test the sports and outdoor related products and we are part of some affiliate programs too. Which helps us to generate little income to maintain this blog.

What Raha.Life means?

The name is derived from two worlds Raha which is an Arabic world means rest & comfort. But when we talk about fitness and health you need to leave your rest and confirm and have to adopt an active lifestyle.

Therefore, I have chosen this name as Raha.Life which means comfortable life, means to have better health and life you must compromise on rest and Comfort.

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