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Smart Body Fat Scale : Intelligent Data in 2020

Smart Body Fat Scale


Smart Body Fat Scale : Intelligent Data in 2020

You must know about your body better to improve your fitness. One of the major problems if that we are focusing on weight loss only, but the problem of our body is Fat and toxins. Unfortunately people focus on losing weight without knowing that by doing this they are losing muscles and creating deficiencies in their body.

When doing exercise we must focus on over all fitness of our body including our internal organs. Just by building muscles or losing weight you will not gain over all fitness.


What is Body Fat Composed of?

Our body fat is in fact superlative degree of Glucose. If we see the chemical equations

  • Glucose = C₆H₁₂O₆
  • Sugar = C12H22O11
  • Body Fat = C55H104O6

Which shows we have 55 molecules of Carbon and 104 Molecules of Hydrogen.

How we Burn Fat?

We burn fat by breathing deeper and faster, which means by doing aerobic workouts. In short, when we breath more we do a chemical reaction of our body fat with oxygen to burn fat to produce carbon dioxide, water and energy. as explained below;

C55H104O6+78O2 –> 55CO2+52H2O+energy

When we inhale oxygen we exhale the fat from our body. So breathing deeper and faster will burn the fat.

Whereas you burn the calories every minute but you don’t necessary burn fat. Until you take your heart rate to higher zone to pump oxygen to your blood faster and deeper by maximizing capacity of your lungs and your heart.

How to measure body fat?

In olden times we used bathroom scales to check our weight, but just body weight is not the correct way to know your fitness. I can understand that BMI is another way to measure the fitness but why just BMI. You must know the weight of your bones too. And many other parameters.

Thanks to the developing technology where we get smart way of measuring our body fat and weight. We now have body composition scale which help us to to know about ourselves with multiple precision data including visceral fat.

To burn visceral fat from your body you must know about it. Normal workout will not help you to burn fat,

To burn fat you first must know how much fat is there in your body. The visceral fat, which is most dangerous to your organs.

Smart Body Fat and Fitness Scales are now available in market which are measuring various important aspects of our Body.

Smart Fitness Scale 2020 and the information.

The smart scale shows muscle mass, BMI, bone mass, weight, body fat, visceral  fat, basal metabolism, body score, water level and so on.

Intelligent Body Fat Scale : How to Buy

The scale that I am using is here. You if you are living in GCC you can buy it from here for rest of the world I will suggest below;

How Intelligent Fitness Scale works ?

The scales are integrated with many high-precision sensors which accurately senses physical changes every day of you and your family. The intelligent analysis automatically identifies every family member.

It can automatically identify family members based on body data, and can support up to 16 members , so that the whole family can share.

It is also possible to set the guest mode so that other people can measure the data without leaving any traces.

Smart Scale Connectivity, data and the App

Smart Fitness Scales are equipped with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi where the information in synced to the cloud using the app if paired with Bluetooth. The relevant app can be installed in the smart phone where you can monitor the changes in your body data and can take action accordingly.

I have an article related to weight loss please click here

To measure your heart rate you can chose the smart watch here

I will be updating more information soon on this blog.

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