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21 Days Fitness Challenge : D105 Toastmasters 2020

21 Days Fitness Challenge


21 Days Fitness Challenge : D105 Toastmasters 2020

21 Days Fitness Challenge can change your fitness : Whenever we start any project it is important to assign duration to it. Get a start date and an end date. Then we can structure it  by dividing the task to days, hours, minutes or even seconds.

Same is the case with fitness challenge. Where result comes from consistency by having a goal. When we stick to the structured schedule it is not only helping us to achieve goals, but we also develop the new habit.

That is why District 105 Started a Fitness Challenge where I shared the details about the challenge previously.

Why one should participate in fitness challenge?

There are various reasons that one should start a fitness challenge.

  • If you’re in need of change, start a fitness challenge. 
  • If there is a goal you want to achieve, start a fitness challenge. 
  • If you need a kickstart to your current workout routine, start a fitness challenge. 
  • If you’re in a bit of a funk, start a fitness challenge

We can have various reasons to start fitness challenge, be it losing weight, getting tone, feeling fit and happy and so on.

District105 PRM Fitness Challenge 2020

There was a unique fitness challenge announced by the PR Team of District 105 Toastmasters with an objective;

“To get mentally agile & physically fit-to face the challenges of everyday life”

The purpose of the challenge was also clearly defined by District 105 PR Team which said.

As toastmasters we are good in brain picking mental workouts, wordplay etc. Physical fitness is also required for overall fitness, and to make fitness habit.

I am a triathlete and I have been doing activities almost every day. But as I mentioned doing it in a structured way with deadline is important.

I stayed active without any gap for 21 days and I did 49 Total Actives including, Road Running, Trail Running, Cycling, Long distance Running, Virtual Races, Core workout, Jump rope, Yoga, Badminton and Walk.

I recorded short video of one activity each day and shared here.

21 Days Fitness Challenge

You can also follow me on strava to see the details of my activities.

Through these 49 actvities in 21 days I remained active for 38 Hours where my running and cycling distance is 442 kilometers nad the calories that I burnt were approximate 23,000.

I Developed Structure, Schedule, Consistency and Habit.

As my goal was not to lose weight but to maintain it. But I lost 4 pounds too.

As I mentioned in start that major benefit of challenge is to have structured plan and then remain consistent and following a proper schedule.

Now I have developed this habit that I don’t need to snooz alarm, to leave my bed.

In fact, now I have developed my habit that I get up sharp 5am without any alarm. And continue remain active every morning.

Now I can schedule my activities in better way to improve my fitness and performance as I can now structure the workout better.

Now I will continue with another challenge by setting up another goal to achieve.

Thanks for staying with me.

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