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Ironman VC – The Virtual Triathlon Races

ironman VC


Ironman VC – The Virtual Triathlon Races

Most of Ironman races are postponed, during this challenging time of COVID19 globally. Cancellation and postponement is disappointing for almost all of the triathletes. As they want to enjoy the racing experience. Therefore Ironman started a virtual club called Ironman Virtual Club where Virtual Races available for triathletes globallaly.


How to Register Ironman VC

To register simply register to Ironman Virtual Club Website or if you are already registered you can login. If you are already registered on main Ironman Website then you will need to use same email ID to ensure your information and are synchronized between both the platforms.

Ensure to update the profile.

How to Upload Activity to Ironman VC?

You don’t need to upload any activity manually to Ironman VC Website. Simply login to your account and follow the following steps;

  • Click hamburger icon on top right corner of your profile in web browser once you are logged in.
  • Click on Manage my apps.
  • Chose the application you want to link to your profile. Ironman VC Supports all the popular devices / applications.

Once your application is connected you will see the status connected. Your connected app will synchronize the activity to Ironman VC account.

If you want to disconnect the app, simply click on on the required app to be disconnected.

As shown below , it will show you status and details with compatible sports and will also allow you to disconnect in case you want. So you can click on disconnect

How to Register for Virtual Race and Events

Now as you are registered to Ironman VC, the first race that you will need to do it to register for the challenge Race .

To register you need to click on events which will show you the list of races, challenges and events available. You can click on register, accept the terms and conditions and you will be registered.

What is Registration Fee to Register Ironman VC

Registration for all the virtual races and virtual events is free. As the purpose of virtual races is to keep Ironman community engaged through global partners. And to keep the triathletes active globally in a fun way.

What is reward or award for Virtual Races?

Running, Swimming and Cycling even without a race will synchronize the data to Ironman VC and will add points and credit to your account.

As you complete your session you will earn points based on the activity you did and based on the distance you covered.

Swimming1 KM?
Cycling1 KM2.5
Running1 KM 10

Points and credits are earned together in actvivity.

5 Points Equals1 Credit

The more we train or participate in races, the more we gain points. The points are tied to the distance traveled (not time). Points are convert into Credits which can then be used to redeemed for coupons (rewards)

How to Redeem Ironman VC Credit

Coupon becomes immediately available in form or code that can be immediately applied to IRONMAN Store or a partner e-commerce website.

Ironman World Tour – Virtual

The IRONMAN VR World Tour kicks off in Europe, and then travels to the Americas, Asia and Africa before wrapping up in Oceania.

This virtual training and racing experience will include four weeks of challenges and virtual races, with the series culminating in an IRONMAN 70.3 half distance VR at the end of November.

Each week are feature training workouts in the swim, bike, and run disciplines, as well as a weekend VR tied thematically to the region with a designated ROUVY course for competing live with fellow athletes around the world on race weekend.


Ironman+ is Ironman VC’s hub of educational materials with videos and articles on all aspects of triathlon including fitness, nutrition, competition, swim, bike and run. It’s designed to help you improve fitness and race preparedness on your Ironman journey.

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