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Ironman Oman 5150 Triathlon



Ironman Oman 5150 Triathlon

Ironman Oman had its first event in Muscat named Ironman 5150 Version on 2nd November 2019, Muscat is Situated on the Arabian Peninsula, the perfect weather during the month of November attracted many triathlete across world specially from Oman. Being a member of Oman Triathlon Community and Muscat Road Runners, I also registered for Olympic Distance Triathlon “5150 Triathlon Muscat, Oman” , Ironman considered it as warm up event for Ironman 70.3, which I am participating for sure.  I will blog that race as well.


Bike and Gear Check in

1st November, was the day to check in the bike to the venue in Qurum (Costa Coffee Paking Area). I took my bike and got it checked before mounting it on the stand. All my gears were provided in the designated place. As a standard practice, Ironman provides 3 bags of 3 colors (Red for Run, Blue for bike)  and one plain color where we can put in our street dress. All the bags will be available on designated location. So with bike check in as  you can see there are two bags that I have red and blue. Both were placed on the designated area one day before the race day.

The Race Day

Though I had previously done many Olympic distance triathlon, but this was the first race organized by Ironman that I was attending for the first time, my first race and their first event. I reached the venue by 0600 hrs exactly 1 hour before the race start. Made sure that all my gears are ready, bike Tyre pressure and breaks are ok, water bottles are mounted, helmet and other gears are ready.  I was with many of my fellow members of Oman Triathlon Club and Muscat Road runners, who were participating in this event. And those who were not participating they were also present there to support us during the race. It 


Swim started in the calm and clear waters of Qurm Beach in downtown Muscat, started 9 minutes later than the time provided because organizers were waiting for coastal guards to give the green signal. 1, 2, 3…. race started, every swimmer was trying hard to do their PB, kick and punch … but just for the 1st 100 meters, then everyone disbursed. Though distance should have been 1500m but the placement of buoys remained confusing and most of the swimmers like me did shorter swim distance, as I followed the swimmers in front of me and my swim looked like below;

As a perfect season round off or the start to your 2019 training and racing schedule, 5150 Muscat, Oman offers a memorable race experience to novices and experienced athletes alike


I practiced the cycling route many times prior to the race, as the route was announed long ago, a 40km bike route that took us in all the major sights of Muscat the Royal Opera House, Muttrah gate, and the Al Bustan Palace as well as a stretch down the enticingly fast Wadi Al Kabir Road. 


The race is rounded off with a 2-lap 10km run around the Royal Opera House and Qurm Beach, shati Al Qruum Bridge, two laps of running was easier as compare to other months. November, was good, temperature during running was between 29 degree to 32 degree Celsius but it was windy. Bridge was crowded with spectators, they were cheering up every running. This gave me good feelings, when I was slowing down volunteers kept on saying, you are doing great you are just approaching to finish line, though it was my first KM but still I felt motivated, and kept running on my average pace. My target was to finish run within 1 hour that I managed to.

I crossed the finish line and got my medal. This was happiest moment for me, as my birthday is in November and I got my birthday gift in form of my 5150 Triathlon medal.

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