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Trail Run in Oman : Wadi Bani Awf 2019

wadi bani awf trail run


Trail Run in Oman : Wadi Bani Awf 2019

There are many trail run in 2019 across world, but Oman has many trail running tracks, and one who is not a trail runner has always a question how to trail run? Answer is simple, get your trail run shoes and start trail run you will always look for trail run series.

Trail Running Wadi Bani Awf by Muscat Road Runners

Muscat Road Runners also known as (MRR) is a multinational group which get together several time a week to run and organize many races in Oman since October 1983.
Like every year since 1983, MRR committee organized the Relay and Solo race to Wadi Bani Auf on tarmac road near Al Awabi Village. And starting point is mentioned above.

31KM Running with 1500m elevation gain.

Starting from Tarmac road at an altitude of 584m to the finish line at an altitutde of 2080, the road is very steep, even 4 wheels take about 2 hours to cross this wadi. The adventurous running challenge 31km story is here;

  • 1 to 5km – Flat Road Surrounded by Mountains Once you start running, you feel excited about the run, the start of run is flat, easy and on tarmac road, both sides are mountains and running this distance is almost in shared.
  • 5 to 14 km – Off road with one small hill total elevation gain is 100 meters to this place.
  • 14 to 24 km Rollings hills, challenging but nor very hard, you will cross many beautiful villages and eye catching valleys.
  • 24 to 28 km is the challenge, these 4 kilometers are the toughest that strong and professional runners face difficulty.
  • 29 to 31 km, easy climb and flat part touching the end to the tarmac road near Shorfet Al Alameen.
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