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Intelligence of children is in experience, not in Toys



Intelligence of children is in experience, not in Toys

Latest research have revealed about intelligence of child that giving your child too many things to play with may end up in the other of the specified impact – they might really be much less pleased.

Childhood development researcher, Clair Lerner,  advised that when kids are showered with toys and video games, their interest level declines.

An abundance of toys can overwhelm and distract children, making them lose the focus, and they stop learning anything from the toys.

Giving few toys to kids can help them remained focus as they have few options to focus on. The research has been conducted on various group of children. After analyzing their the statistics it has been suggested that less toys and more experience can make children intelligent.

On the flip side it was suggested that, when children have less toys their imagination level gets fully developed as attention remains longer.

When they have less toys they become more social and they interact with other children.

When less toys are given they spend more time in artistic activities like must, art and etc this helps them to develop problem solving skills.

Less toys makes them less greedy and helps them to learn sharing between kids.

less toys means more nature. Intelligence of children can only improve by exploring the nature than exploring just toys.

So what we learn from this? Children are getting more stress these days as they are within the boundary of house and not exploring outdoors and nature. Less interacting with children as they are buys with digital dagets.

In Oxford college a research was conducted on 3000 children between ages of 3 and 5 years, where it was found that those children who spend more time with their parents were intelligent than those who spend more time with toys and gadgets.

So, when you decide to buy gift for your child, better to buy a ticket for outdoor activities and spend time with your children.

Moreover, academic excellence is also focus of some parents, in my opinion it should be skill development, problem solving, intelligence and emotional intelligence of children.

What are your thoughts on this? Please share by your comments.

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